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Tall Portobox
Contains 36 boxes
1 reviews

Quality box for bouquets or plants.
Navy, Grey and Green have an luxurious embossed finish. They also have ribbon holes punched near the top to make it easier to add a bow or a ribbon handle 24cm high x 16cm wide

Available Colours
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Embossed Grey
Embossed Navy
Embossed Green
Embossed Mixed

Colour: Kraft

Liners: No

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9th Jun, 2023

Twig And Berries Florist Dublin
The porto box Tall and Mini has been used by our team here since we opened our store five years ago. This product is sturdy, robust, easy to store. The porto box is perfect for transporting bouquets and arrangements both by ourselves and customers collecting their orders of every size and description. I couldn't recommend this product highly enough. Outstanding service from Caroline and Michael also, excellent service with super fast delivery. Thank you. From all the team here. Audrey (owner of Twig and Berries Florist Dublin. )